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The Fourth Ward Loft look is defined by a saturated color palette and playful design. It's a twist on the classic, it's theatric and it's 100% going to get reactions. Are you ready to throw trends out the window and embrace your inner weird? Below I outline the basics to get you started. 




Make the rules so you can break them. The 4th Ward Loft look uses a tetrad (double complimentary) color palette. Meaning 4 colors across from each other on the color wheel: Blue, Orange, Green, Red.

But it's a bit more complicated than that. The colors chosen are deep warm tones. They highly contrast each other making each color pop with energy.


This color palette is more saturated than the average home which can be tricky to pull off. But color is the wow factor in this look. Finding the right balance will create a beautiful harmony. 

Clean lines, simple shapes, silhouettes and circles. 4th Ward Loft is all about line and curve baby. 

Key characteristics to look for in furniture for this look are: functional, simplistic and geometric. Find furniture with minimal ornamentation that can serve as building blocks for your room. Mid Century Modern furniture is a great place to start. 

Building on those strong furniture lines, try to incorporate curves as a contrast. Rugs, wall decals, artwork, pillows, and accessories are good opportunities to use organic shapes.

Keep an eye out for a unique statement piece that could bring it all together - like an oddly shaped coffee table or lamp.

Note the example pictured above; the long rectangular shape of the sectional and tv stand are contrasted against a curved floor lamp, a round rug, and an organic shaped wall decal. 




Use design features with intention to create focal points and cohesion in your space.

The arch serves multiple purposes in this space. It creates a backdrop for the gallery grid so many things become one. It also defines the living area as a distinct zone so one big space becomes many.

Big Design Features

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Consider the decor in layers, the backdrop, the big blocks, and the little details. Think of it as a giant bulletin board where you can keep all the photos and pictures you want to display while having them work together in your design. 




After starting with clean lines and simple geometric shapes, now you can add in the whimsical.

If the intention is to stay true to the 4th Ward Loft look, find opportunities to incorporate nature into your decor. Use a pattern or artwork that features plants or water. Find items that play with light in a unique way or move with the airflow in your space. Baroque and art nouveau design is a great place to start. 


However the sparkle should be something meaningful to you. Maybe it is a work of art that you love, or a weird chair you saw at a thrift shop. 

The #1 design hack is to find a few items to be the cornerstone of your look. The floral rug, the coffee table, and the chandelier were the inspiration behind the 4th Ward Loft look. Once those 3 items were in place everything else was obvious.

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