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About KRÜGER Arts

What qualifies good interior decor? What qualifies good art?


I believe them to be the same really, both are beautiful and engage the audience with an emotional experience. A person's environment has a huge effect on mental health. It is a form of self expression and self love. Living in a good environment leads to a happier life. 


Hi, I’m Kelly, and I started decorating 10 years ago working on movies and TV shows. On set is where you can clearly see how a room changes a person. I started under talented decorators and designers putting together dozens of spaces from bedrooms to restaurants and yoga studios. 


As an artist I use my knowledge of color theory, form and design in three dimensions to create works of art that are meant to be lived in. I believe in sustainable decoration that combines function and beauty and can be customized to the individual. 


I began decorating private homes and apartments in 2018 and became passionate about creating customized artwork, patterns and furniture for the home. In a culture that is trending more toward homogenous design; KRÜGERarts offers an alternative. We need to bring personality back into our homes, focusing less on aesthetic perfection and more on what feels good.


My most important job as a decorator is being able to listen to what you, the client, is looking for. Not everyone will know which shade of blue will really pop against their favorite chair, but you know it’s right when you see it. 


Want to connect with me personally?

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